Putt Putt to the Dosa hut!!!

Wow. Just wow.
As I poured through the elaborate menu on offer at Dosa Hut it felt like I was sitting in a library reading a novel on a magical spice journey through the old silk road route. Given the name of the place, I figured there was only one thing to get, the dosa! If you aren’t familiar with the dish, a dosa is simply a savoury style crepe/pancake originating from South India. Its primary ingredients are rice and black gram and it is served with a few small bowls of dipping condiments. From the multitude of selections, I got the biggest damn Dosa I have ever seen in my life, a 70mm dosa!!! YES!!! It was humungous and arrived on a rather large banquet style plate, with a selection of 3 dips (I believe they were daal chutney, sambar (a mild chilli dip), and another yoghurt style dip? Feel free to comment on what 3 dips are usually served with a Dosa). I decided to go with the chef’s special dosa, which consisted in different parts of the dosa, chicken mince, beef mince, paneer and potato. I took my time devouring this monster as I wanted to enjoy and savour this moment- this grand dosa moment. It was just spectacular to rip apart, dip into the condiments and gracefully embrace the dosa with pure joy. It melted in my mouth, so divine.. They all equally tasted amazing but if you were to put me to a corner and forced food down my throat I’d concede with one or two options. The beef mince and/or paneer. Cooked well in an array of aromatic spices, the lovely mixture of dosa with your choice of filling, it just melts in your mouth. The Chef’s Special 70mm dosa is a meal fit for anyone, anytime of the day (probably not breakfast but hey if spice is your game then do it!) and its definitely got me wanting to come back and try the other dosas. I’ve never had a 70mm Dosa before, but I know I’ll have plenty of more 70mm Dosa’s (or normal sized!) to come!!!



Recommendation: Thinking of taking the missus out for a lovely dinner? Definitely come here for a spicy dosa then cool down with a mango lassi- enough reading, more eating- go!

Pricing: $$-$$$

$ – cheap

$$ – moderate

$$$ – expensive

$$$$ – fine dining

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