Tikka Take

Shut the front door and tickle me with some Tikka Take!!!

Tikka Take

As we sat down we were reminded of a similar themed restaurant a few doors down. Essentially TikkiTake is the south Asian version Papparich, you skim through the menu and write down your order on a list with the notepad and pencil provided- then ring the bell on the table for the waitstaff to come and take your order!


The wife and I ordered the refreshing Pani puri that came with separate mini bowls of mild chilli and mint sauce. It was the perfect crunchy start to what was about to come!!!

Cheese Dosa

There were a few choices but this one stuck out the most. It was like a cheesy filled crepe with their special chutneys for dipping on the side YUM. If you don’t want to eat much then come here for THIS.



Whoa.. Just whoa.. the boss got herself a thali consisting of  a mild chicken korma curry and slightly spicy beef vindaloo curry. For those who are like wtf is a thali, it is basically a platter of food where it consists of various flavours of the palate such as sour, bitter, spicy, salty and sweet. What consists of a thali also differ from region to region so you could indulge in vegetarian thali’s as well as a non vegetarian thali. You’re welcome. In Tikka Take’s case you choose two curries of your liking and it comes standard with a pappadum, samosa, salad, raita (yoghurt), daal (lentils), rice and a delicious gulab jamun (solidified milk balls) dessert. The chicken korma was succulently juicy swimming in its yummy sauce. The beef vindaloo was slightly on the spicier side but the perfect companion to the milder chicken korma. After enjoying an outburst of spicy, salty and bitter foods- the sweet gulab jamans were a sweet way to end that spice packed punch thali.

Lamb korma with Garlic naan

I was wanting something less filling so the mild lamb korma was the perfect option for me- along with a generous serving of garlic naan. Amazing. The lamb was tenderly cooked and juicy, so the garlic naan was a perfect complement. The korma that it was cooked in was not too saucy yet not too thick, it was just right!


Masala soda

Do not order this ever, I certainly won’t.

Mango Lassi

Always a treat after a spicy meal, or just on its own, mango lassi is the perfect combination of mangos and yoghurt in a drink. Yes please.

All in all, I am definitely coming back to this place to try more- and to get another dosa.


Recommendation: Tikka Take is the place to visit for a decent filling lunch or dinner.

Pricing: $$-$$$

$ – cheap

$$ – moderate

$$$ – expensive

$$$$ – fine dining

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