Mmm… Biryani…

Longing some good old home cooking? Mum too far away? Have no fear,

Student Biryani is here!!

My world was filled with extreme excitement – like a kid in a candy shop – when a work colleague spoke of Student Biryani. As he described this quaint restaurant in Auburn, New South Wales, my mind filled with images of tasty home cooked biryani, and memories returned of the multiple times my cousin took me to the branch where it all began in Karachi, Pakistan.

When you walk into this simple store, you’re immediately hit with that scent of home-cooked desi food. The smell in the store was so intoxicating that we just had to skip entrées and went straight for the mains.


Goat biryani

I normally despise a lot of bones in my food, but for this dish I can make an exception. Packed with flavour and with a lot of oomph: the fragrant biryani rice, layered with succulently cooked goat meat that fell off the bone, made an incredible dance with the tastebuds. The meal came with a large portion of rice and decent amount of goat. I’m definitely ordering this one again. #biryani2diefor


Where do I start? Haleem was already one of my favourite dishes from the sub-continent after biryani and this offering from Student Biryani did not disappoint!

This deadly combination of lentils, ever so tender chicken (that melts in your mouth), fried shallots and coriander were overwhelmingly good.

I highly recommend that you squeeze in the wedge of lemon that comes with this dish because that little kick takes this dish to the next level – there’s just no chance of leftovers on this plate. Add a fresh piece of naan to eat it with (get that spoon outta here!) and you’ve got yourself a hot date. #HaleemTeam


Recommendation: Student Biryani is the place to be for truly home style desi meals, that’s right- I said it! There’s no need to ask me if I’d go again; just say the word and I’m there.

Pricing: $$-$$$

$ – cheap

$$ – moderate

$$$ – expensive

$$$$ – fine dining

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